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Frederick Kin Hing Phoa    Adjunct Professor
Tel : (02)27835611#405
E-mail: fredphoa@stat.sinica.edu.tw
web: http://www.stat.sinica.edu.tw/fredphoa/

Research Interests
  .Quaternary-code Designs: Theory, Structure, Property and Analysis.
.Analysis Methods for Supersaturated Designs: Dantzig Selector, SRRS, etc.
.Definitive Screening Designs: Construction and Applications.
.Application of Particle Swarm Optimization and Related Algorithms.
.Big Data Analysis: Internet Data and Network Data.
.Social Network Analysis: Quantized Evolution Mechanisms, Community Detection, Network Structure.
.The Analysis of the Chaotic Behavior of Spin Dynamics.
.Feature Selection in Regression Tasks and Applications to Biophysics and Related Fields.
.Financial Data Analysis

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