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  The total floor space of the institute is about 1121.01 m2; there are four classrooms, one calculator lab, one computer facility, one conference room, and two small seminar offices available for education or discussion.

  The institute has subscribed to hundreds of journals. All current and previous important statistical journals are completely arranged in the periodical room on the 5th floor. There is one copy machine in the library, and the library of the Mathematics Department also has statistical related journals available for reference and copy.
  Calculator Lab
  The computer room is equipped with 23 most advanced computers, a Sun Sparc work station and several laser printers and scanners. There are also related statistical software programs such as SPSS, SAS, SPLUS, MINITAB, STATISTICA, MATLAB, MATHEMATIA, IMSL, DIGITAL-FORTRAN, EGRET, STATXACT, SYSTAT, BMDP, GAUSS, SCA, LISREL8, RATS, MathType5, and ADOBE9.0 available for statistical practices, education and research. The institute continuously expands and updates the software and hardware, expecting to provide all teachers and students with a learning environment of good, complete and rich resources. In terms of work stations, there is one Sun Sparc for program calculation, mail server management and DNS service. As for the network, the institute adopts Ethernet for external connection, which may transmit up to 10GB per second.

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