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(picture taken on June 2017 at South Statistics Conference, Taiwan)


I was born in Tokyo, Japan.  I obtained my Ph.D. from Institute of Statistics, National Chao Tung University (Taiwan) under Dr. Weijing Wang. Now, I am Associate Professor in Graduate Institute of Statistics, National Central University, Taiwan.

Address:  Graduate Institute of Statistics, National Central University, Jhongda Road, Taoyuan, Taiwan

     ( in Chinese )桃園縣中壢市中大路300號, 國立中央大學,  統計研究所
               ( in Japanese ) 桃園県中歴市中大路300号、国立中央大学、統計研究所、台湾  (江村剛志 宛)

TEL:03-4227151 #65450 (connected to the administrative office of Graduate Institute of Statistics 8:30AM-17:00PM).
Email: takeshiemura@gmail.com (this is the official email account for academic research)  

Future events:

2017/10/12-13: Second Pacific Rim Cancer Biostatistics Workshop, Kanazawa, Japan
               Title: Personalized prediction of overall survival utilizing gene expressions: approaches based on the compound covariate and a joint model
 2017 CMStatistics 2017, London, UK
         I will organiz an invited session
"EO154: Survival analysis with dependent endpoints".
2018/6/29-30: South Taiwan Statistics Conference, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
               I will organize an invited session "High-dimensional Data Aanlysis"


My main research is on statistical methods for survival analysis. 

Key words:  Copula model;   Survival and reliability analysis;  Survival prediction; High-dimensional genetic factors; Statistical decision theory; Statistical process control.

The completion of the draft will be September 10, 2017.
 Emura T, Chen YH, Matsui S, Rondeau V,  Survival Analysis with Dependent Censoring and Correlated Endpoints, Copula-Based Approaches
( JSS Research Series in Statistics, Springer)
JSS Research Series in Statistics


1) A member of a specialized team Statistical Analysis of Event Time on CM Statistics (Computational and Methodological Statistics).

2) A regular member of Japanese Statistical Society.

3) A permanent member of the Chinese Institute of Probability and Statistics.




Emura T. (2007). Statistical Inference for Dependent Truncation Data. Ph.D. Dissertation, Institute of Statistics, National Chiao Tung University.




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