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I was born in Tokyo, Japan.  I obtained my Ph.D. from Institute of Statistics, National Chao Tung University (Taiwan) under Dr. Weijing Wang. Now, I am Associate Professor in Graduate Institute of Statistics, National Central University, Taiwan. From 2020/2/1, I will move to Chang Gung University.

I am Associate Editor for Computational Statistics & Data Analysis (2018-), and Japanese Journal of Statistics & Data Science (2017-). 


Address:  Graduate Institute of Statistics, National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan;  Email: takeshiemura@gmail.com   


Survival analysis, Copula model, Dependent censoring/truncation, Competing risks analysis, Survival prognostic prediction, Statistical software


2019/12/14-16: CM Statistics 2019, London, UK,
* Scientific Programme Committee
* Chair & speaker of EO146: Multivariate survival models (12/14: 16:45 -)
* Chair of EG127: Contributions in copulas and dependence modelling (12/14: 11:25 -)
2019/12/21(Sat) 研究集会「データ解析環境Rの整備と利用」, Institute of Statistical Math, Tokyo, Japan

2020/7/14-15, Workship of survival analysis in Pukyong National University.
2020/7/20-22, EcoSta 2020, Yonsai University, Seoul, Korea
* Speaker of an invited session EO277: Recent advances in competing risks data analysis
* Chair of EO348: Survival analysis

2020/12/19-21, CM Statistics 2020, at King's College London, UK

Three new books on survival analysis:
[1] Achim D, Emura T (2019), Analysis of Doubly Truncated Data, An Itroduction, JSS Research Series in Statistics, Springer
[2] Emura T, Matsui S, Rondeau V (2019), Survival Analysis with Correlated Endpoints, Joint Frailty-Copula Models, JSS Research Series in Statistics, Springer, Final Manuscript
[3] Emura T, Chen YH (2018),  Analysis of Survival Data with Dependent Censoring, Copula-Based Approaches , JSS Research Series in Statistics, Springer, Final Manuscript


1) A member of a specialized team Statistical Analysis of Event Time on CM Statistics (Computational and Methodological Statistics).

2) A regular member of Japanese Statistical Society.

3) A permanent member of the Chinese Institute of Probability and Statistics.






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