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Tsai-Hung Fan    Distinguished Professor
Tel : (03)422-7151#65460
Fax: (03)425-8602
E-mail: thfanncu@gmail.com
web: http://www.stat.ncu.edu.tw/teacher/THFan/index.htm

  B.S. in Mathematics, National Central University
M.S. in Statistics, Southern Illinois University
Ph.D. in Statistics, Purdue University

Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Statistics, National Central University

Professor, Graduate Institute of Statistics, National Central University

Research Interests
  Bayesian Statistics
Reliability Analysis

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Fan, T. H.* and Wang, Y. F. (2012).“An Empirical Bayesian Forecast in the Threshold Stochastic Volatility Models.” To appear in J. Statistical Computation and Simulation . (SCI)

Wang, W.L.* and Fan, T.H. (2012). “Bayesian Analysis of Multivariate t Linear Mixed Models Using the IBF-Gibbs Sampler. ” To appear in J. of Multivariate Analysis. (SCI)

Fan, T. H.* and Yu, C. H. (2012). “Statistical Inference on Constant Stress Accelerated Life Tests Under Generalized Gamma Lifetime Distribution.” Accepted by Quality and Reliability Engineering International. (SCI)

Fan, T. H.* and Hsu, T. M. (2012). “Accelerated Life Tests of a Series System with Masked Interval Data under Exponential Lifetime Distributions. ” To appear in IEEE Transactions on Reliability. (SCI)

Fan, T. H., Wang, G. T. and Yu, J. H. (2012). “A New Algorithm in Bayesian Model Averaging in Regression Models.” Accepted by Communications in Statistics: Computation and Simulation. (SCI)

  Regression Analysis, Fall, 2011
Probability Models, Fall, 2011

Bayesian Analysis, Spring, 2012

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